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How many times have you called a small business only to get the “leave a message after the beep” generic response?

We have this happen all of the time. It drives us crazy, mainly because it shows that the business couldn’t take five minutes to record a custom voicemail.

Then our minds start racing. Is this place even open anymore? Why can’t they answer during business hours?

The reality of today’s world is that people expect custom, instant gratification. People’s attention spans are diminishing and it’s only going to get worse.

Your business desperately needs someone answering the phone at all times. Enter telephone answering services.

These companies take a nominal fee and provide your business with full-time call answering.

Though it’s not always so perfect. Have you called certain large telecommunications companies before? Wasn’t it terrible?

The people you talked to work for a customer support telephone answering service. They’re an excellent example of how the wrong way to run your business.

We want to show you why hiring a reputable telephone answering service can boost your brands.

Let’s cut through the sub-par services and get your company on the road to an excellent answering service.

Capture Customers

Building your brand is all about converting as many leads as possible. Everyone who calls your business is a potential lead.

It makes no sense then, to let phone calls go unanswered. Ignoring even one person means losing a potential sale.

Telephone answering services make this a non-issue. Someone is always there to answer the phone, rain or shine.

These services also offer the ability to schedule appointments, troubleshoot, and sell products.

Even if someone doesn’t buy anything, leaving that person satisfied is essential to gaining their business later.

Likewise, returning customers deserve the same satisfaction. It’s important to ensure that you don’t lose a repeat sale because of unhelpful staff.

This is where the distinction between quality answering services, and those you might have dealt with, comes into play.

Capturing customers is all about keeping them on the phone with friendly, helpful dialogue.

Services located far from your business area often don’t provide agents that know the local culture.

If you’re selling to people in Manchester, do you really want your answering service based in another country?

Save Some Money

Many small businesses are strapped for cash, meaning a receptionist is out the question. This means spending your free time answering phones.

Or, you’ve spent way too much money on a receptionist.

Regardless of the situation, you’re either wasting time or money. Both of these things are better spent on your advertising budget.

The more ads you can push across different mediums, the better chance you’ll have of attracting new customers.

Telephone answering services stop you from worrying about the phones and let you worry about brand promotion.

If you’ve ever wanted to develop a strong advertising strategy (and, who wouldn’t?) an answering service is perfect for your business.

Legitimize Yourself

Every major company uses telephone answering services. For them, it’s a way to handle the enormous amount of customer calls they receive.

Small businesses can capitalize on this and offer their own answering services in an attempt to appear “larger” than they really are.

The idea is to play up your “professionalism.” Not that you aren’t professional to begin with, but customers come to expect a certain level of service.

Imagine their surprise when they call after business hours and someone is available to set up appointments or troubleshoot their issues.

This makes your brand look composed and organized. It also defies expectations.

Because customers expect that level of service from large, respected companies, they’ll start to associate your brand with excellence.

Customer Service Matters

Yes, obviously customer service matters. That’s not really up for debate. However, most people don’t realize how much people care about their customer service experience.

Seventy-one percent of customers have ended business relationships because of poor customer service.

That stats tells us two things. First, poor customer service is rampant. Almost 3/4 of consumers have experienced it one point or another.

Second, customers won’t tolerate subpar quality. They’re demanding that if they call your business, you better well have an answering service that can help.

Considering 80 percent of your business is likely to come from 20 percent of your current customers, losing your loyal following over poor service hurts.

A Telephone Answering Service Shows That You Care

Customers want their chosen businesses to care about them on a personal level. This means giving more than the bare minimum effort.

Do you know the easiest way to do this? Answer the phone!

We know it isn’t possible for you to answer every call, all of the time. That’s why we’ve been recommending the telephone answering service!

The answering services show that your business is dependable. No matter the time, your virtual receptionist is there to answer questions.

Even if you’re on vacation, your customers think that you’re hard at work.

The idea is to foster the belief that your brand works in the customer’s best interest 100 percent of the time.

If your customers believe that they’re priority number one, they’re more likely to purchase your products.

Caring also bodes well for organic advertising. People who think you’re willing to hear their voice are more likely to recommend your brand to friends.

Word of mouth plays a very strong role in brand recognition.

Seventy-four percent of customers identified word of mouth as important to their purchasing decisions.

Sometimes the best brand advocate is someone not associated with your company.

A telephone answering service can build your brand by providing support, showing you care, legitimizing your business, saving money, and capturing customers.

It’s important to remember that all services are not created equal, so do your homework before choosing your own.

If you have questions or are looking for a UK based telephone answering service, get in contact with our company.

We offer high-quality answer service to businesses of all sizes. Large or small, we have you covered.