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As a small business owner, you’re no stranger to the highs and lows that come with taking your own financial fortunes into your hands.

Life as a business owner is amazing – full of excitement and risks. Nothing beats the feeling of setting out on your own.

Of course, after that thrilling launch into the world of startups, if you’re successful, you’re going to run into a common problem sooner or later.

We’re talking about scalability.

More than half of new businesses struggle with scalability – a whopping 70% (to be exact).

If you think you can outrun this particular problem, you’re dreaming.

The statistics are clear – up to 50% of small businesses fail in the first four years.

To continue being the best business you can be, it’s vital to face this problem head on.

See your scalability woes as growing pains and a sign that you’re on the right track.

If you want to scale your business with minimum hassle, automation is the smart choice.

Automation is a solution that’s growing in popularity with small business owners. In fact, it’s expected that we’ll see an increase in automation of 143% in 2017.

Want to be on the cutting edge of this trend? Keep reading!

Why Automation?

Your employees might be reluctant to try out automation, but it’ll soon prove an indispensable tool.

Automation works best with smaller businesses even though it seems like it’s a large business tactic.

Great business are driven by empowering their employees and devoting themselves to customer satisfaction.

When you automate certain functions, you give your employees more breathing room to focus on what’s important.

Focused employees and happy clients – the foundation that allows you to scale your business.

How To Start Automating To Scale Your Business

Take a good look at all of the processes that go on day to day in your business.

Once you understand the lay of the land, see what smaller tasks eat up your valuable time.

Obviously, there will be things you’ll need an employee to carry out, but for everything else, explore your automation options.

A great piece of advice is to start small and stick to one process at a time.

You don’t want to scale your business so fast it’s not sustainable.

Once you’ve got one function automated and working right, move on to another.

You’ve built it this far so it’s worth taking the time to do it right.

Now let’s explore some ideas for automation to get you started.


Have you ever been caught in a back and forth with a client, trying to nail down a time to meet that works for both of you?

What a headache, right?

When you automate your calendar, you’re bypassing that whole rigamarole and freeing up your valuable time.

Automation services can handle emailing clients to set up meetings and logging the appointment in your calendar.

Better yet, some systems can even follow up with clients until they accept an invitation instead of you having to relentlessly hound them.

Booking The Essentials

Traveling for work is already stressful enough.

Being away from home and the comforts of your office can be stressful, and booking tickets and accommodations used to be part of that stress.

With automation, you can leave that in someone else’s hands.

Automation services take the troubles out of traveling by setting you up with a plane ticket, a hotel room, and even transportation!

Customer Service

Remember what we said earlier about successful companies and their obsession with serving their clients?

Here’s another opportunity for automation to help you scale your business.

There are so many ways to use automation in a customer service capacity.

The obvious thing that springs to mind is to use it to streamline customer service communications.

You can use it to create an email system for customer inquiries.

Another great way to scale your business is using digital marketing like crafting an email campaign.

If you do it right, email campaigns are one of the best ways to nurture relationships with existing clients.

They’re a great way to generate new sales, too.

Email campaigns can net you up to 50% more sales.

All of this can be handled through automation, allowing you to focus on growing your business.

Save On Overhead

When you scale your business, you might feel pressured to hire more people.

This puts a dent in your finances and might actually set you back if you’re not ready to take on someone full time.

Plus, you’ll have to pay for extra expenses like insurance and utility use on top of their salary.

With automation, you’re covered when you need it without incurring extra expenses.

When you’re ready, it feels great to create a new job and hire on another talented team member.

In the meantime, use automation to help take you to the next step.

Phone Solutions

The obvious and best use of automation is for your phone lines.

This is probably the best way to scale your business using automation.

Spend less time answering useless phone calls by automating your call screening. You can set it up so that only the most essential phone calls are forwarded on to you.

Automated services are an ideal way to extend business hours without spending money on new personnel.

Think about it – if you hire an employee to answer phones, you’re paying them to sit there whether or not the phone rings.

And if you don’t have a warm body by the phone during off hours, those potential clients fall through the cracks.

Automation solves all of this and saves you money that you can reinvest in scaling your business.

Use a trusted service like Jet Answering Service.

They use the latest technology to tackle your telephone troubles all while being incredibly professional.

Plus, they get to know your business and clients inside and out.

It’s extremely easy to set up and affordable.

Give their free seven-day trial a spin and you’re sure to love it. This is truly a great first step in scaling your business!